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Re: [CXXL] Birula, Mer 6 Jan 2016 - 17:08
C'est très bien raconté ! J'aime énormément ce genre de City Journal Wink Bravo !
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Aucun [CXXL] Birula - Page 5 Bar_150_3
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Re: [CXXL] Birula, Sam 9 Jan 2016 - 11:46
Merci, Myname!
I hope that I will find some time to work on the new city.
I am actually working on the Old Town right now, and I am really not sure which style to choose:
More like a small version of Toulouse, with some southern influences, or more like a Provence city, not sure...

Merci to you, too, vallamir!
I really like writing such stories, I only dislike translating them, as one has to pay a lot of attention to the meaning of the words one uses in French, compared to what one initially wrote in English.
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